Child Benefits Savings & Loan Plan

Child Benefit Savings & Loan Plan

To be eligible for this loan offer you must open a savings account with us, agree a savings and loan repayment plan, and have your Child Benefit paid directly to Swan Credit Union. You can apply for a loan immediately and your funds will be available for withdrawal within 3 working days once your first benefit payment has been received. The majority of these are turned around in 1-2 days, with top-up loans normally paid out within 24 hrs.

The plan

Borrow between £500.00 and £1,250 and repay it up to 76 weeks. Once your loan is cleared then you can withdraw all or some of your savings, continue to save or start a new savings and loan plan. Please note that the minimum term is 12 months / 52 weeks, and that Credit Referencing may be applied, including for top-up loans.

How to Apply

Go to the members website if you are ready a member at Account Login or use the Mobile App, otherwise login and join the Community Bank here



Call us on: 03030 300 147


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