Engage is an ethical Visa debit card available for adults and a special children’s version for children aged 8-16.

An account that truly benefits the credit union member. There are no nasty hidden charges and fantastic rewards that mean you can save money on your everyday shopping. … You can use your Engage card to shop, pay bills and save money with our cashback rewards program

No credit checks and no lengthy applications. The Engage digital account is available exclusively to all Credit Union and Community Bank members… regardless of your financial circumstances.

The Engage Account

  • FREE to open an account (age 16+)
  • FREE digital app and contactless Visa Debit card
  • FREE additional card for joint account
  • No cost to make a purchase within the UK
  • Free cashback service at participating retailers
  • Pay by transfer/standing order/direct debit
  • Pay cash in at PayPoint or Post Office (coming soon)
  • Send/request money from others
  • Budget with Engage Envelopes™
  • FREE alerts to help you track your spend in real time
  • Cashback rewards on everyday shopping and services


  • £10 minimum initial load/deposit
  • Up to £250 maximum ATM withdrawal per day
  • Maximum £10,000 card balance at any one time

Engage Smartcash Junior member account

  • The Credit Union account for members aged 8-16
  • Teach the kids cashless money management skills
  • FREE junior digital mobile app
  • Debit Card with safe spending/withdrawal limits
  • Request pocket money from parents, receive cash gifts (e.g. birthdays) or from employers/part time job
  • Send money to Credit Union savings account
  • Parents/guardians have full authorisation
  • NO management fees or costs for purchases made within the UK


  • £10 minimum initial load/deposit
  • Up to £50 maximum ATM withdrawal per day
  • Maximum £500 card balance at any one time


For full terms and conditions or additional information

Engage | About (engageaccount.com)


To apply for an Engage Card please email


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