Junior Savers

Junior Savers

Under 16s and want to save? Want to help your child to save? Under the age of 16s who lives in Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire or South Oxfordshire is eligible to open a Junior Saver’s Account. An existing adult member needs to endorse the opening of an account.

Opening an account is an ideal way to enable young people to save. If you are a parent or grandparent opening an account for a child is an ideal way to help build up a nest egg for the future through making regular payments or one-off gifts on birthdays and special occasions.

Our Junior Saver’s Account attracts an interest rate of 1% to encourage saving.

Junior Savers can save up to £5000.

Upon the young person’s 16th birthday their account will be transferred to full adult membership with voting rights. Under 18s are not eligible for loans.

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