Wishing all our members a happy and prosperous 2016!

Why not take out an affordable loan from Swan Credit Union instead of paying high interest on your credit card ?

We compared a loan of £3000 from Swan Credit Union with a £3000 credit balance with 2 of the most popular credit cards on the market. Take a look below to see how much you could save. It could also leave you with up to £80 per month in your pocket!

Company Typical APR Repayment per month
(Based on minimum repayment)
Time to clear the balance paying the minimum repayment Interest charged Total payable
Credit Union
(Homeowner Loan)
From 12.7%* From £67 5 years From £1004 From £4004
Vanquis Credit Card 39.9% 5% of  balance or £5 (whichever is greater)
£150 in 1st month
15 years and 7 month £3855 £6855
Barclaycard 34.9% 5% of  balance or £5 (whichever is greater)
£150 in 1st month
15 years £3627 £6627
*Subject to terms and conditions

Child Benefit Savings and Loan Plan

Our Child Benefit Savings & Loan plan has been hugely successful since its launch, particularly in the run up to Christmas. Remember anyone in receipt of Child Benefit can apply for a £500 CHB loan.
The plan is based on a single child benefit of currently £20.70 repaid over 50 weeks. Your repayments will be £12 per week and you can save the rest. If you have more than one child the remaining Child benefit can be transferred to an ABCUL prepaid debit card. Once your loan is cleared then you can withdraw all or some of your savings, continue to save or start a new savings and loan plan.

New Text Balance Service
Want a faster way to get your account balance? Just text ‘swan balance’ to 60060 and you will get an automated message back to your mobile phone with your balance. 
How safe is it? The system recognises the mobile number you’ve logged with us, and will only send the message to that number. If you don’t get a response in a couple of minutes it means we don’t have your mobile number on record, so please phone it in. Along with the existing members area in our website, this new text service could save you phoning in to our office, and it will also free up our phone lines to respond to more member enquiries.
Your Board of Directors needs a bit of help from the members: this could be either with a specific responsibility or more directly (and locally) for one of our 4 Community Banks. The time commitment would be only a few hours per month, and training will be provided. If you are interested please contact us by email admin@cus.coop.
Simply complete a Child Benefit Savings & Loan Plan application form and redirect your child benefit payments to Swan Credit Union. Make sure you let us know your 10 digit child benefit reference number.
Once we’ve received your first child benefit payment and signed loan agreement your loan will be transferred to your nominated bank account within a couple of days.
You are invited to join us to celebrate the 10th year birthday of your credit union at our Swan Annual General Meeting. It will be held at 7 PM on 17 March 2016 at at the offices of Aylesbury Vale District Council (The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF). Our guest speaker will be Robin Walker, MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Credit Unions. We would like as many members as possible to attend, especially as this will be the first AGM to be held outside of Milton Keynes.
Plan your meals in advance!
Many of us go to the supermarket and put in our trolley what we fancy on that day, not thinking about when and how we are going to use it.  By following these 5 simple steps you will save a fortune over the course of a year:
1. Decide on your meals for the week ahead.
2. Check your cupboards for items you
    already have.
3. Make a list of the ingredients you need.
4. Only buy what is on the list.
5. And always shop AFTER you’ve
   eaten. We buy more food when we shop
   when we’re hungry!
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